Forest Castle

To see the whole world inside the forest dew droplet and preserve it

Handcrafted Jewelries

Elements of nature inside droplets of jewelry resin
Sometimes it's so hard to see the beauty of the nature in the stream fast pacing life. All those precious details: tender curves of grass, unusual forms of forest moss or colorful flower buds. I feel it and love it so much that I want to share this world with you.

Tenderness, lightness, femininity, and closeness to nature. That is what 'Forest Castle' is all about.
What the jewelries are made from?
I always wanted to preserve pieces of nature not only in the form of micro-photographs or herbarium between books' pages but as something more special. That's how 'Forest Castle' studio began several years ago. Now this is the place where I create jewelries that preserve real plants and other materials of wild nature inside beautiful epoxy resin.

I use silver, steel and medical-grade alloy metals as jewelry frames. They are the most trustworthy and durable materials that do not cause allergy.

The box - package

These signed gift boxes I do myself too. The colors for the boxes, I choose in accordance with the jewelry you pick.

I also write the name or the wishes for the person that this box is bought for.

The box - package

These signed gift boxes I do myself too. The colors for the boxes, I choose in accordance with the jewelry you pick.


Do you do commissions?
As long as I have all the necessary materials and I get the advance payment from you, I can remake the jewelry, which is out of stock at the given moment, for you.
What are the payment methods?
  • MasterCard
  • Transfer via Western Union

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    Tell me more about shipment
    The shipments is worldwide
    Read more about shipment here
    What is the delivery time?
    On average, the delivery time to Europe countries takes from 7 to 14 days;
    The time depends on delivery service
    Does the jewelries last long?
    It depends on the way you wear it.

    Usually I get rave reviews from the customers that have bought jewelries several years ago. They say that it stays as perfect as it was and they are very happy with the choice.
    The epoxy resin, that I use, doesn't turn dark or yellow. It's more durable than glass, and it's unbreakable.

    The frame is made of medical-grade steel. It's hypo-allergenic, very consistent metal that doesn't darken.

    Chandelier Earrings have silver and silver-plated frames.
    What metal the frame is made of?
    For the 'Forest Castle' jewelries, I use silver, silver-plated and rhodium-plated frames; medical-grade steel (hypo-allergenic).

    More information about the materials that a specific jewelry is made from can be found in its Description.
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